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    Re: Do U Like Chocolate?

    i dunt get how people can hate choclate?!??!?

    the taste.... the smoothness...... its delectable....

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    my girlfriend gives me chocolates whenever we have a row... so yes, this is an admission that i absolutely love them!

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    I love chocolates! It's my happy food.

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    I love to eat chocolate but not enough more..... interesting question...

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    Most! If anything chocolate! It is very difficult to shut out chocolate, I never will. For a sample of amazing, when you eat again, because they do not eat all at once.

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    but now, I'm trying VERY HARD to stop myself eating sweets...you see, I really want to be a vegan...and as of now, eggs and dairy products like chocolates are still my weaknesses. can't wait to learn how to make a vegan chocolate...I hope it taste good

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    Tóm c? ngay

    M?t quý b* h?t ho h?t h?i d?n d?n c?nh sát:

    - Thua ng*i c?nh sát, ch?ng tôi luôn de do? r?ng ông ?y s? b?n tôi!

    Viên si quan c?nh sát tr?c ban di?m tinh tr? l?i:

    - Thua quý b* dáng thuong, bây gi?, chúng tôi chua th? giúp gì du?c cho b*. Nhung b* c? yên tâm, n?u nhu ông nh* b?n b* th?t, chúng tôi s? tóm c? ông ?y ngay sau dó.

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    up lên d?u cho ai c?n thông tin h?u *ch nhé



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