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Thread: Used Book sites

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    Used Book sites

    I am thinking of buying a couple old harlequin and silhouette titles from one of the used book sites. I am particularly interested in a site called Abebooks. I'll have get the books shipped to India.

    Has anybody bought anything from the site or any other like it. If yes, what has been your experience. I'd really like to know.

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    Hey suman,

    i can give you a way through you can buy used textbooks at cheap rate. This link may help you to get bundle of books at cheap rate.

    hope you get it.

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    So many sites are available for books... So search in Google and follow pages.... best of luck...

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    Used book site

    I have bought books from half.com. It's an eBay company. Not sure if you can have the books shipped to India but worth checking to see. Here is the link http://www.half.ebay.com/



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