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Thread: New Site url

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    New Site url

    From now on , you can access the site via this url www.powerbookspinoy.com

    Please log off then log in again if you are experiencing any difficulties in accessing the site.

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    Re: New Site url

    i'll add this again in my bookmark..

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    Re: New Site url

    I have FAVORITED this site! hehehe

    Is there such as word, favorited?

    No matter. It works for me.
    "To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks." Eeyore - The Hundred Acre Wood

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    Re: New Site url

    Thanks for bringing it back!!!!

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    Re: New Site url

    this is the site that i'm accessing. was there a different one?

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    im on the right site right?

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    i know i am digging an old post .. but once got a see on it, i looked at the URL at the top of my browser at once to check and match it .. and yes it is .. what a silly of me !



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