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The Tablet Wars: What model suits you??

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  • The Tablet Wars: What model suits you??

    After the Ipad, a host of powerful tablets with various features have cropped up. So what's your pick and why? If you have a tablet at present, share your experience - good or bad..

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    Ipad user here.

    I was late to the tablet bandwagon really. Honestly thought I didn't need one. How naive I was. LOL.

    I just love how I can do so many things on it, and how easy it is to carry around. When I got one as a gift, I hadn't really planned on it replacing my ebook reader, but it happened. Found myself reaching for my ipad more and more everyday. (my sony reader touch has since moved on to another book lover.)

    Aside from being my go-to reader, I use the ipad to surf the inarnetz, and for games. I get bored easily so there's always something to keep me entertained.

    I haven't had the chance to check out other tabs but i think i'll be sticking to ipads for the forseeable future.

    One last thing, I've been asked a couple of times if the ipad can take the place of a pc/lappy, and for me, it's a no. There are just some things that are just easier to do on a pc. Excel for one. LOL. And photoshop.


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      I use a first gen Galaxy Tab and am quite satisfied with it. Great for reading books as it is so easy to connect with a variety of devices over the air and is one step up from reading from your mobile phone. I agree with you that the tablet is NOT and can never be a replacement for a pc/laptop/netbook. Fingertyping is just not the same as doing actual work on a proper keyboard.


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        i can't believe how long it took me to buy this haha i started reading ebooks since 2008 and used my psp in reading books! i think ipad is really useful coz it's so convenient to use i can bring it anywhere i want and reading books is just a breeze. i love it